Frolicking in the meadow

During December I was set the task of creating a birthday cake that had a little old lady and a black labrador on top – descriptively I was told it should look just like my labrador friend Louie…I have to say I had so much fun making this cake!

I decided to sit the old lady in a green meadow picking flowers in the grass with her faithful friend sitting next to her, the final characters turned out so cutely!  I have since found out that the birthday girl who received this cake loved the little characters so much she wanted to keep them…but her actual doggy companion had other ideas and quickly devoured them whilst left alone for only a few moments! All I can say is typical labrador behaviour!

The cake hidden under the fondant icing is a rich dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache buttercream.


One Happy Customer…

I had to write this quick post about a beautiful brown labrador called Coco!  Recently she received a personalised Giant Dog Biscuit ordered by her lovely Mummy from Rosy Cheeks Bakery for her birthday!  I was emailed this pic today and just couldnt help but mutter an ‘awwww’. Perfect story for 5pm on a wet and windy November week day I am sure you will agree!

 Claire x

Treats for my Best Friend

OK without sounding too soppy the photo below shows my best friend in the world – Louie.

So you may be sat here thinking what on earth does this have to do with Rosy Cheeks Bakery? Well I am always baking sweet treats for the people around me but it occured to me never does my best friend get anything, and that had to change! We are in a day and age where we like to know exactly what we are eating and what is going in to our bodies, and I have always been very aware of what Louie can and can’t eat so why not extend this to home-made treats instead of store bought ones with lots of added salt. Did you know that many dog food brands disguise the word salt with over 20 different ingredient names? Well rest assured that not one of the ingredients in these biscuit treats is disguising that dirty little word!

Ingredients: Wholemeal Flour, Powdered Milk, Wheatgerm, Beef Stock Powder, Egg, Water, Vegetable Oil.